Tasty Ideas

Add Some zing to your water with these simple recipes

To give your water a balanced and tangy kick, Slice citrus fruit, add mint, and muddle a bit
Freeze assorted berries in ice cubes for a cool berry blast
Freeze your favorite juice or coconut water into ice cubes for a hit of light and healthy flavor
Freeze some mint leaves into ice cubes for a cold minty blast of flavored water
Waterlemon cubed or juiced up makes a great flavour infusion to give your water a sweet tasting punch
Sliced strawberries added to your Drink in the Box, will infuse your beverage with delightful strawberry goodness
Infuse water with berries, cucumber, lemon, or limes
Add cucumber slices, infuse for 3-4 hours in the fridge
Add some mint leaves to your water for a refreshing infusion of flavor
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