With Snack in the Box you have control over how you and your kids snack on the go. Avoid the high sugar content and waste of many disposable packaged snacks.


Simple to fill, Simple to pack, simplify the morning rush. Two containers in one, 2 separate 4oz chambers, Patented design, tested for safety and durability.


Easy to use, easy to clean. Dishwasher safe, top rack.


Made from super durable FDA approved TritanTM. Snack in the Box will stand up to thousands of uses, replacing countless disposable packaged snacks, good for the plant and your wallet.
  1. 2 Chambers, Pack 2 Different snacks
  2. Super durable and food safe TritanTM material
  3. Twin flip up doors, Fun to use. Kids eat their healthy snacks
  4. Easy to take apart and clean
  5. Reusable and environmentally Friendly


Care and use / manuals

3+  recommended for ages 3 years and older

Material Made from Super Durable Eastman TritanTM.
Lid Secure press fit lid, is made from FDA approved Polypropylene
2 Chambers Carry two different dry snacks in their own chambers.
Capacity 8oz / 236ml
Dishwasher safe Tritan and Polypropylene are dishwasher safe, top rack. Will stay looking good as new through years of washing.
Zero Waste Snack in the Box is part of a zero waste lunch. Durable enough for years of use. Replaces countless disposable prepacked snacks

Send Kids to school with healthy snacks and save with bulk buying convenience

Shaped to fit

Box shape is easy to pack with lunches, activities and storage.

Clean & Strong

Switch from disposable bags and prepacked sugary snacks, to healthy convenience, and say good-bye to smashed snacks.

Reduce Sugar

Take control of sugar intake. Prepackaged snacks can contain high levels of sugar leading to poor health and sugar fueled tantrums.

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